The Tannenbaum

If you’ve decided to buy a cut tree and stick it in your house to celebrate the wonderful holiday season, then you probably know you need to give that tree a little care to make it last through the holidays.  Make sure to keep the water filled at the bottom or you’ll end up with dry needles and a tree that can go up in flames in seconds! Plus it’ll ruin the whole “Xmas-y look” and all your ornaments will start dropping off….what a mess!


Also, if you have some cute critters running around the house, (I have 2 cats), then most likely you’ll see they much prefer TREE Water to their bowl of clean, filtered water.  This means that your water level will drop significantly faster than if no family member were there sharing the water with the tree.  And…it’s happened to me…I didn’t check the water for a few days and it went empty causing the tree to shed it’s needles a lot faster than it should have.  So, keep the water level high and check on it more frequently if you have pets.

When the holidays are over, don’t wait too long to dispose of the tree. If you stop watering it, the “flammability rating” of it just got a lot higher!  So, make sure to take off all the cute ornaments, lights and decorations.  I usually like to keep it watered so the needles don’t make as big a mess in the house when they dry out.  Then, if you have the time, cut the tree in smaller parts and put outside for pick up/recycle.  Or, if you’re like most folk, just drag it out to the curb for your neighborhoods tree pick up day.  Check to see when your community has tree pick up day.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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