So I was searching for self-watering pots and came across a really cute one online.  I bought it for my mom for Xmas and it came in time for the holidays.  When she opened it, everyone was enamored by it! It’s super cute – a little ceramic green frog, a mini plastic pot, and a small, pink felt tongue shaped that comes out of the frogs mouth and dips into a little saucer that you fill with water. Take a look:


This pic above is what comes in the packet: a small pot, ceramic frog, pink felt tongue, instructions (in Chinese!), basil seeds, and a small circle of dirt.20170101_151356

Isn’t the tongue so cute!!


So, I soaked the dirt for a while and it expanded a bit. Then, put the seeds inside and plopped it into the frog’s pot.  The tongue is also partly inside the pot, out the mouth and “lapping” up water from the saucer.20170101_15264720170101_152722

Isn’t that adorable!?!  Haha, I think so. Well, it’s in my mom’s care now and I’ll get back to you when it starts to sprout!