Free Plants! Green Onions

Looking for a super easy plant to start your indoor garden this year?? Well, when you buy a bundle of those green onions from the grocery store, you’re not only buying an addition to your dinner, but you’re also getting free plants!


It’s super easy, seriously, even the brownest of thumbs can do this. It even makes a good project for your kids! All you do is, when prepparing the green onions for your meal, chop off the bottom white part leaving about 2″ of the white part above the roots. ┬áStick in a jar/container or cup of water leaving a small portion of the white stem out of the water. This thing grows fast!

If you aren’t able to eat all the onions and want to prevent them going bad, just stick them in water…like flowers….really green boring flowers. But, hey its a plant!

Also, they will live in water but will not really thrive unless put in dirt. Also, the water will smell like onions. So….not really like flowers at all.


  1. I think it is a great way to save extra green onion especicle for single living.
    I usually chop the green part into my cooking and save some part of white stem with roots to inserted in the dirt in my garden. This way I have green onion year long.


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