Today’s discussion is about this very controversial plant called Cannabis.  It is also known as weed, hashish, marijuana, maryjane, ganja, and the list goes on.  It is a topic hot in political, medical, scientific and cultural talk as well. Currently legal in some form in about 28 states, it is illegal Federally.  Adding to the political controversy is the US Attorney, Jeff Sessions who is known to be against the use of this plant and whom many believe is going to fight to make the drug federally illegal.

Cannabis is a flowering, annual herb thought to have originated in the Himalayas. The plant has male and female flowers on separate plants though it has been found to have both on one.  All strains are known to be wind pollinated, meaning that pollination is distributed via the wind.

I have never grown it but know a couple people who grow it. One of those people grows it for a non profit organization supporting the medical community.  While I do not have personal knowledge on how to properly grow and care for this plant, there are several blogs and websites that share their best practices for how to grow it.  I recommend that if you’re interested in growing it, first research the legal restrictions for your state.

While additional studies need to be used to assess the benefits, and side affects of cannabis, it does seems that the benefits are real in many cases and testimonials.  Many arguments and studies exist argue the medical benefits of using the plant.  There has been a huge campaign for a long time against marijuana that has created a taboo about the drug.  If we take a scientific approach to this plant, we do not limit ourselves from the medical possibilities this plant may offer.


  1. Thank You for this discussion.
    I plant vegetables ,flowers ,fruit and few colorful leaves of trees. But never drugs to harm our health.
    I am happy with my garden.


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