Starting from Seeds

Here are some thoughts on how you can start your seedlings indoors.

First, gather the essentials. Light, soil, water, heat and a warm, moist environment.

Bright light is important for the seeds. I use a bright plant light found off a website to provide the seeds what they need. It is the Hydroponic Full Spectrum CFL Grow Light Bulb 60 Watt Bulb 5500K H60 and it works amazingly. It provides a good coverage and the bulb, while very long, fits into your standard size lamp. I use one with a flexible neck and aim it towards the seedlings.

Warm, greenhouse type environment. The seeds should be enclosed in a clear material to keep moisture and warmth inside. The seeds need the warmer temperature to sprout. I use a plastic container from the grocery store. I think it had croissants in it at one point. I just washed it and put the seedlings inside.


Soil. Try using seed starting soil. The important thing is a light soil that holds moisture but allows the small seeds the ability to push through and grow. Hold off on fertilizer until a couple leaves have come out.

The medium to hold the soil and seed. Easily found in any garden store, you can get these small, made for seedlings, decompostable pots. I decided to go with recycling my newspapers and built seed pots. I practiced some origami techniques to create a small pot using just the paper.  Another method is to use toilet paper rolls. Slide the bottom in 4 equal sides to allow you to bend it into an enclosed toilet paper seed pot.


Purchase a seed starting set: many places and websites sell a seed starting kit that you can try out. This is very convenient and can include all the pots you need, a heating pad to place under the system to keep the seeds warm, and the greenhouse type of environment.

I hope this post is helpful to those out there wanting to start seeds indoors.


  1. There are so much more work to grow from seeds. I admire your interesting and patience for the love of growing plants.
    I occasioally start few fruit tree from seeds. Those seeds are 100 time bigger than vegetables and you plant a seed for one tree.
    Cornns usually able to handle by hands and also one seed to each plant.
    Peas,Kapacha,Squashes are also much bigger than carrots.
    Being live in a warmer climate states is a much advantage to saw seeds in late April by August we can enjoying our crops already.
    You are very creative to share your way to start sees in the house under lights. You are a devoted plant lover.
    I am glad to follow you and reading yours.


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