Here are some pictures of the plants growing on my upstairs patio. The only problem is that they get a lot of sun and so do require constant watering otherwise, they will dry out and die.  It’s been a bit of a struggle to keep them watered. I’ve actually hooked up a hose reaching from my downstairs backyard that works well except I can only control the water flow when I turn it on downstairs. I wish I took before pics of these plants – when I first got them in the mail they were very small sticks with some leaves on them.  In the past month and a half they’ve really grown nice and healthy.

The strawberries did suffer from the heat but have grown back well.


The peppers are growing quite well now! You can see the happy little peppers sticking up.


The Pomegranate plant is giving me so many cute flowers!


The blueberry bush is growing well to.


I don’t expect any fruit this year as it is their first year and typically these plants may take up to 3 years to produce fruit.  I did get some very small strawberries in June but, they are June bearing plants and I am hoping next year I get many more.

Happy Gardening!