What flowers have you grown in your garden to attract bees? Have you heard there is a concern today about the dwindling bee population? I wrote about bumble bees in one of my earlier posts. Bees!!

The above is a 2 year old knockout rose bush that has grown so large and gives plenty of flowers. It is low maintenance and looks great in your yard.

Marigold above I planted from seeds I purchased online. They took a long time to sprout and are just now starting to bloom.

Here is a 1year old red rose that also grew quickly in size. I have had to combat aphids in the spring and am still battling bug problems today. Best thing to do is keep a watch and pick off the bugs, and cut off the damaged or sick leaves.

Finally, the above are the first flowers on my gojiberry bush. I purchased it this spring from an online site. They mailed me two small bare roots that I planted in pots. Both seem to be doing well though I recommend using bracing to shape the plant and train the plant into a shape you like.