This is a plant I don’t recommend you have, but instead, you destroy if it’s in your yard! This stuff is resilient, it grows around rocks, tree roots, from under thick mulch and survives after the entire land has been burned. 

If you don’t know it, poison oak will cause rashes, itchiness and burning or even blisters depending on how allergic you are to the plant. This plant has a shiny green leaf that sometimes has red in the leaf as well. It grows like a vine where the roots grow horizontal in the dirt and spread profusely. The plant can be bushy and also very vinelike. I’ve pulled a 100′ vine off an oak tree once. The stem or root can grow thick as your wrist given time. Even the stem and roots have the oil on it.  The oil on the leaves and plant are what causes the itchy rash. The oil on your clothes can even spread to your skin up to days later! 

Typically the rash starts itching about two days later. Avoid rubbing, scratching or even touching it because you’ll spread the rash and the itching is unbearable.  Use a soap wash like Tecnu to get rid of the oils on your skin. To be safe, use Tecnu within 2-8 hours of handling poison oak and get that oil off you. 

Yesterday I spent hours upon hours digging up poison oak. It’s a pain in the rear! I dig up as much of the root as I can get to prevent it from coming back as strong. 

Above: dug up poison oak. Die you jerks! 

This stuff is to be avoided if you can but taken out as soon as you see it in any area you walk thru or your kids play around because left alone, it spreads like wildfire.

I guess it’d be a super easy one for beginner green thumbs but, your thumb will be very itchy.