Plant sale

Looking to not break the bank when buying plants? Try shopping now for fall sales and don’t forget to check the ‘distressed plants’ section. I went to some of the bigger brand garden nurseries and found a lot of good deals. Just check the distressed plants to avoid bringing home anything infected with disease or bugs/pests. Most of the time it’s distressed because of a lack of water or sun and these can be easy to fix and for you to get the plant back to good health.

Lots of nurseries are selling bushes, shrubs and trees at a big discount, 50% or higher. This is a great time to transplant these types of plants as well in fall before it gets too cold. That way when you transplant they have some time to get used to their new home and then can settle in dormant for the winter before having to utilize all their energy for spring.

They don’t look distressed to me! 

Only $1.00 for these mums. 

I decided to put in pots versus the ground to see how they do. I’d like the ability to move them indoors if I wanted even though they all would be fine in up to Zone 6. They are all perennials so would come back after the winter but I’m hoping to keep them going all winter in the house. 

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  1. They look so happy sit in the pots where you place them. I can feel enrrgy by looking at them. Also the don‘t look disstressed at all .
    The care and love from how you handling themid a very kind gesture. How wonderful to see you is trying make our world to a bettrr place. I hope to see how they adjust at your place on your next story.
    I love folloeing your writing and thank you.

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