I did write a blog about this plant already and you can find the link at the bottom of this post. In the previous blog I talk about the care of the plant. Today, I am sharing some pics!  Enjoy the wandering Jew pictures I took this morning. (๑→ܫ←)

This is one plant in a small tea cup that has grown vibrantly and large. It’s in a well lit spot in the kitchen that the wandering Jew loves to live.

Grown in water, they do well with some direct and filtered light.

Took cuttings off the one plant displayed in the first pic.   Stuck them in water. Seems to be doing well, as expected. d(-_^)

Cat likes chewing on these….


This is the aquaponic set up with wandering Jew plants. Fish don’t mind!

Hanging plants in the kitchen.

This ones sits atop the cabinets in the kitchen. I have to remember to keep the water topped off with these. I like to clean out the water every few weeks.

Have a great day! Keep on gardening. ~(^з^)-☆
To see tips on the care of this plant go here: