Super Dwarf 🍌 Banana Plant

Today we are going to talk about the Super Dwarf Banana plant and I’ll provide you some tips and advice on how to care for and love your little 🍌 plant!

Called the musa acuminta, this is a banana plant you can grow indoors. It is called a super dwarf because it only grows to about 3′.  The bananas are a smaller size than what you would buy at a store.

Light:   Full sun is best but can be partial sun as well

Water: Keep moist but wait until the top is slightly dry between watering. When watering, fully saturate then wait 15-20 min and empty the saucer so it’s not sitting in water.

Temp: These are tropical plants so keep in warm conditions and humid if possible. Use fertilizer as well during your waterings and during the warmer season. Hardiness is zone 9 so keep indoors in the winter if you’re in a colder climate. Or, keep indoor all year if you prefer and have the space.

Propagation: You may see new growth out of the soil. After the one stalk has flowered and given fruit, and you have new growth underneath, you can remove the spent stalk. Leave the new growth or split into different pots. Try to keep in pots at least 12″ in diameter to get larger size plants.

Good luck amd keep exercising that green thumb!

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