New Years Resolutions for the Gardener

As 2017 comes to an end, we face a new year of possibilities, hope, and new gardening resolutions! I don’t know about you, but, I am looking forward to trying out new and different techniques for my garden this upcoming year, 2018.  I don’t like feeling overwhelmed however, and I’m sure you don’t either.  As you make your own list or take from mine, remember to start just one at a time and work through your list slowly so as not to feel overwhelmed.  

1. Grow veggies in an aquaponics set up

2. Build vertical risers for my squash, kabocha and zucchini

3. Revigorate the vertical strawberry planter

4. Grow veggies all spring thru early winter

5. Set up an easier to turn compost system

6. Grow veggies in the front yard as well

7. More varieties of flowers in the front yard

8. Trim the roses!

9. Participate in a seed swap with local gardening groups

10. Attend the Flower show in PA!

11. Plant an herb garden in front yard

12.  Plant a new variety of spicy peppers and learn how to make hot sauce

13.  Prepare herbs and plants as gifts for friends, neighbors, or work

14. Graft my first plant

15. Successfully propagate wild plants thru cuttings

Okay that’s enough I think! I’m looking forward to the New Year and to growing new plants in the spring. Happy New years to all of you!

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