Pothos, easy to grow

Perhaps one of the easiest plants you can grow indoors is the pothos. It is one of my favorites because of how fast it can grow and how forgiving it is when it comes to its care.

Light: The pothos do really well with any type of light. They grow faster and have bigger leaves with more light. But, do just fine with low light as well, they just grow slower.  I have one in my bathroom that has only artificial light and it’s in water. It does fine but grows very slowly.  

Soil/Fertilizer: I use a typical indoor potting soil from the gardening store. I do recommend changing out the soil every few years however. I’ve also found that adding some additional soil to the top helps, especially if you see the roots on top of the soil. Repoting every few years allows you to see if the plant is rootbound. If you see the roots starting to circle at the bottom of the pot once you’ve taken it out of it’s pot, and if the roots are starting to poke out of the pot of the bottom, then you know the pot’s too small now. Therefore, I recommend you do either one of two things: bigger pot or cut the plant back to keep it at it’s current size.

Water: I keep the soil moist and let it mostly dry between watering.  Some I keep in only a water medium and those I keep topped off with water all the time. Sometimes the water gets low a bit and are fine but, I try to keep always full.

Temperature/ Zone: I keep them indoor between 60-75 F. It gets dry in the winter so I water more often.  The summers in DC get humid and they seem to do a lot better then.  

They have aerial roots and like to climb naturally.


Ensure there is at least one or two leave and cut below a couple nodes or where you see the aerial roots sticking out and plant in either dirt or water. It grows!

Names: Epipremnum aureum

Golden Pothos

Devil’s Ivy

Money Plant

Native to French Polynesia and considered invasive in some tropical climates where it grows up into trees and has no native predators.

I think that by having this plant in my house it provides me fresh air and a happier environment. I enjoy surrounding myself with green, living plants.  

Thanks to my readers on for greener thumbs for sticking with me through these blogs. Keep exercising your green thumbs!


  1. You have a pretty pathos growing all over your house. It is nice to see all green plants growing from every corner of your house.
    I also have it as my first plants about 50 some years ago. I received a cutting from my friend and fell in love with the green and easy to grow for me as a first plant lover.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. We have pathos in pots, water, indoor or out doors.
    I think that you can’t kill this plants easily.
    I love to grow them in a hanging pot and always trying to train them in a circular in the pots with only few branches hanging outside pots. For grow in hanging pots there is one tip to learn is to not forget water them. That will be the one reason that pathos die under thirsty.
    Also to bring it down to spray leaves once a year so we will have a happy pathos for a long time to come.
    There you go pathos!


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