For Greener Thumbs, Tip #7: Indoor Flying Bug, go away

So, this is about those annoying little black flying gnats you see around your house.  They are small but big enough to be annoying. You may notice them more so around fruit, or plants. You may call them fruit flies.  They are so annoying and you’ll see them crawling all around your plants soil, sometimes indistinguishable from the soil except for the shiny gleam of their small wings. You may even notice, with a closer glance, little white eggs in your soil but, maybe not because they are so small.  Let’s say you’re relaxing one evening, you may be enjoying a glass of cold, crisp beer, or a finger of delectable, fine Scotch whisky….leave it alone for a few minutes and when you come back you may find a little black buggy surprise in your drink you were previously enjoying. Not anymore. Go away bugs!

I found the best remedies are to stop watering the plants as much as you can without dehydrating them, and get the double sided sticky yellow paper on a stick! Those two things dramatically decreased my buggy problem. Those sticky yellow papers draw those bugs like a moth to light. Stick them close to the soil in the pot and it’s even better. By getting the soil drier it will, in turn, dry out those little eggs. A moist environment in your dirt is where those bugs thrive. So, take it away from them! Just don’t hurt your plant though a little dryness won’t be too bad for the sake of getting rid of those flying bugs.

Keep up the greener thumbs practice!