FGT Tip #10: Keep it Bushy

For Greener Thumbs, Tip #10: Keep your herbs bushy

If your herbs look like they are getting long stemmed, what is called leggy, then doing the practice below helps keep the plant bushier. 

Pinch off the tip of the branching stem of your herb when harvesting for use.   Pinching the tip encourages growth below thus your plant will adopt a bushier look.  Instead of shooting long branches outward, it will start growing more leaves on the already existing branches, closer to the main body. 

Hopefully, you’re harvesting occasionally or often, thus keeping down what could be a leggy, branching plant, into a more compact, and bushy shrub.  

Thanks for reading For Greener Thumbs followers! 

1 Comment

  1. I pulled the plants off, not even save seeds in the deep Fall season.
    Thinking I will just plant new growth in the new season.
    The theory behind of it to have my ground rested for a new spring.


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