What is one reason you enjoy Gardening? For me, it is like meditation. I can spend hours in the garden and not realize how much time has passed. It could be as simple as weeding, pruning, trimming, or planting seeds or newly purchased plants. Once I start, I may be sweating, covered in dirt, and sore from squatting or bending over but, there’s something about being in that moment with no other cares in the world that makes it feel like meditation to me. There’s something to having nothing else to think about except what’s right in front of you now. Being intensely focused on a simple task and nothing else is my meditation. It’s about being in the present. I also love to run so, like gardening, it’s my other practice I do to feel fully present and in the moment. With gardening, I’m close to the earth, to mother nature, and I feel as if I’m nurturing the plants as much as the earth is nurturing me.

For Greener Thumbs readers, enjoy the time you spend tending to your plants. Happy Gardening!