National Botanic Garden: Closed due to lack of Appropriations

Took a walk to the D.C. botanical gardens on Sunday to find it closed. It is closed because the U.S. government has yet to pass a budget.

However, the gardens still hold a peaceful setting on the outside. They have chairs set up in a semi private area in the front where I share the space with squirrels, people walking by, some traffic and the birds.

As I sit here comfortably, Im watching as many people walk towards the doors only to sadly turn away, probably thinking, ahhh this is how the fact that the government has not passed a budget affects me.

The squirrels are digging around the gardens, searching for their nut cache most likely. Did you know squirrels stock up on nuts throughout the season to prepare for the winter? And, that not only do they bury and hide their cache of nuts but, they also organize their nuts? They set up separate caches for their least desirable nuts to the most tasty nuts. They are quirky and cute little animals.

I am sitting right next to Cap Hill as well!

What a great and interesting city to be in right now.

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