For Greener Thumbs, Tip #13: Slugs and how to manage these pests in your garden.

You’ve been noticing your nice new leaves on your plant have holes in them, like something has been chewing through them…and you don’t see any bugs or other pest on it. If you check it out in the morning, or after a rain shower, you might them find slimy slugs crawling on your plants. If so, other than plucking the slippery, slimy suckers off, I recommend giving them some beer. 🍺Get a shallow dish, I’ve used old yogurt cups that I cut in half, put some beer in it, then place on the ground near the eaten plant. You’ll want to dig into the ground a little so that the lip of the cup is just slightly above the level of the ground. The slugs will smell the delicious beer, crawl into the cup, slip and fall then, sadly, drown. Best time to do this is at night, before bed, place your slug traps. Then, in the morning after your coffee, check your traps and discard. Replace with fresh beer again in the evening.

Hope you enjoyed this little tip, For Greener Thumbs readers. Happy Gardening!