Community Garden in D.C.

I’m fortunate to live in a community that had a shared gardening area. The garden area has several plots, around 10. When you live in a urban area where every space is a premium, I feel very fortunate to have a little area too call your garden.

I look forward to the day I can have my own space in my backyard for my own garden beds and the space to really develop my vegetable garden. Until then, I’m truly appreciative of this small community garden space. Being part of the community also builds some community relationships with the neighbors. I feel part of a community with similar interests. We sometimes help each other with watering or share our crops. We all pitch in to keep the area free of weeds and generally neat. There’s even a community herb garden where all can harvest from.

It’s a good place. I encourage all to get engaged in your communities similarly. Perhaps it can be to socialize, share gardening tips, or to swap seeds with each other. There are many benefits to growing a community and using the excuse of gardening is just one reason to grow closer to each other.

Happy Gardening For Greener Thumbs readers!

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